My Expat Interview on

I’ll be publishing a more verbose piece on Monday, including more about our recent discovery that my wife is pregnant again! But in the meantime, I thought I’d post a link to my recent expat interview on

It’s a website designed to ignite the inner passion in people who have a hankering to travel the world. It’s got great advice on relocating and features some fantastic interviews with fascinating individuals, like me!

While I’m only situated in one place – the Philippines – it’s still a pretty surreal lifestyle that I lead and one that most people are envious of when I explain it to them.

My interview will give you further insight into my decision to move here, but if you’ve been following my blog then you’ll already know all about that.

Expect a magnificent post from me this weekend. Actually, would you expect anything else?

Hope everyone had an event free Friday the 13th.