Filipino Men and Their Splendid Cocks

Those of you who’ve been following my blog will know that my last post was rather solemn, macabre and not a particularly nice read. It documented the worst experience I’ve had since being in the Philippines and highlighted the harsh realities that are faced by people here every day.

If you haven’t had chance to read it yet, then I suggest you do. It may put into perspective any issues that you’re currently dealing with in your life. Then again, it may not.

[The Lowest Point in my Philippines Expat Journey so Far]

Remember, life’s too short – that’s why I’m here in the Philippines enjoying it!

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As for today’s post… boy have I got a treat for you. It’s all about Filipino men and their obsession with cocks. I was compelled to write it after seeing what I can only describe as a ‘cock fest’ at my neighbour’s house the other day.

There they were, a small group of men all trading war stories and stroking their magnificent cocks. As I peered over the fence I felt like a peeping tom – a phrase which apparently dates back to when Lady Godiva rode through the streets of Coventry naked, only covered by her long hair. A bloke named Tom simply couldn’t help himself and broke the ‘no peeking’ rule that the city had agreed on prior to her ride.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me if a posh bit of totty wants to ride a horse bollock-naked through the streets, then she should really expect a few people to try and cop an eyeful, right? In fact, she should think herself bloody lucky it was only Tom who broke the pact!

Anyway, back to the cock fest…

I shouldn’t have been surprised as the Philippines has a long had an obsession with cocks and pitting two (or more) big, healthy specimens against each other has become a national pastime.

Cockfighting Is One of the Oldest Spectator Sports

Cockfighting is thought to be one of the oldest spectator sports in the world and in the Philippines it’s definitely one of the most popular.

Even in our small municipality there is a cockpit – a bespoke arena where cockfights occur every week and for the purpose of this post, we actually ventured there earlier and took a few pictures:

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Sabong, as it’s known in Filipino, sees two or more cocks fight – often to the death – using razor-sharp blades attached to their feet. There’s even a referee who oversees the bout and decides the winner.

The fight itself can either be a war of attrition or over in the blink of an eye when one cock strikes a lucky blow on the other and cuts a vital lifeline.

It’s Also Big Business in the Philippines

But cockfighting isn’t just a case of turning up at the cockpit with your prize chicken, sticking some blades on its feet and hoping for the best. Far from it! In fact, Filipino men (and women) spend a huge proportion of their time grooming, feeding and training their cocks before an event.

It’s big business too! When you consider that the average monthly wage where we live is approximately 5,000 pesos (about £74 at the time of writing), yet the prize for winning a single cock fight could be as much as 10,000 pesos or more, you soon see the appeal to Filipinos.

Then there’s international cockfighting events, such as the World Slasher Cup, which are hosted on an annual basis in one of the country’s most prestigious arenas – the SMART Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Manila.

In the same venue where Muhammed Ali fought Joe Frazier for the Heavyweight Championship of the World in the fight dubbed the ‘Thrilla in Manila’, game fowl connoisseurs descend once a year to indulge in their favourite feathery vice. It’s like the World Cup of cockfighting.

‘Super Energizer’ is What Your Cock Needs

However, raising a fighting cock takes a lot of time and represents quite an investment. It’s not just the regular grooming and washing with medicated shampoos, but also the buying of specialist feeds that eats into people’s budgets.

And, one of the funniest things about the feeds designed for fighting cocks are the names that the manufacturers come up with. Even in our local market they sell ‘Super Energizer’ – a pellet that obviously turns your regular cock into the Incredible Hulk.

So, with everything I’ve now explained, should I really be surprised every time I see a cock fest at my neighbour’s house? Probably not. My biggest issue is the bloody noise they make ( the chickens not the blokes). You get used to it after a while, but I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve told my neighbour that I’m going to turn his prize cockerel into adobong manok.

He laughs initially, but I’m sure he’s thinking in the back of his mind, would he really do that?

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll raise a big cock of my own and sit stroking it in my back garden…

Enjoy the rest of your week guys and if you’re feeling generous, please share this post using the social media buttons below. It’d be great to get some more exposure for my blog.

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  1. Hi Gian! Sorry for the crazy late reply. I’ve only just noticed your comment among all the spam ones I get. Those pictures were taken in Sablayan public market here in Occ. Mindoro.

  2. Hello , tnx for ur article very informative…ive notices that u posted pictures of conditioner gamefowl feeds in ur blog and surprisingly the price is 4 to 5php lower compared here in sanjuan and kalentong…can I ask what market or place u photo captured those examples? I can save alot if im going to buy there bec the more kilos u buy the more additional 5 peso u spend for those feeds…chicken raising is one of my favorite hobbies…tnx looking forward for your reply

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