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Always dreamed of living on the beach?

Buy a beachfront lot in Sablayan!

Some people can only dream of living by the sea. But here in the Philippines it’s very easy to make that dream a reality.

Our lot in Sablayan (Occidental Mindoro) could be just what you’re looking for. With the nautical highway on one side and the South China Sea on the other, the c2,000 square metre lot is an absolute bargain at just 700 pesos sq/m (around £11 sterling) – especially as it has a clean title!

Or how about a house in Mamburao?

No need to build with this turnkey investment…

Just up the road from Sablayan is Mamburao, the capital of Occidental Mindoro. We’ve got a gorgeous family house there for sale, with a clean title, which is also situated right on the beach. With all marble floors and a large second floor balcony overlooking the South China Sea, this house is ready to move into and a bargain at just 3.8 million pesos (around £60,000 sterling).

If you look closely at the picture of the balcony you can see the reflection of the sea in the window…

Looking for accommodation in Sablayan?

Stay at our fabulous beachfront B&B here in Sablayan for just £16 a night, including breakfast for two people. You can experience some of the many attractions in Sablayan such as Pandan Island, Apo Reef and the world’s longest island-to-island zipline.

Our B&B is your home away from home here in the Philippines and the perfect base while you’re here looking at potential property investments.

See the epic sunset picture at the top of this page? That was taken from our balcony one afternoon…

Book now via AirBNB

Where’s Mindoro?

Mindoro is (apparently) the seventh-largest island in the Philippines – which isn’t bad going when you consider there’s over 7,000 in total!

The map below shows where Mindoro is in relation to Batangas (Luzon) and Coron (Palawan). As you can see, Mindoro is perfectly positioned as the gateway to the stunning province of Palawan. There is also a Fastcat boat service now going from Bulalacao (highlighted) to the immensely popular Boracay Island. Within a day you can reach either of these fantastic destinations.

Would you like to know more? Contact us today...

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